Machine Prints Food Smells On Postcards

O.k this is pretty crazy, The “Food printer” has a camera, a smell extractor and a printer. When you’re ready to go the camera snaps a shot of the food while the smell extractor gathers the smells and the printer than prints the postcard with aroma ink.

That’s insane.

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Minimalist survival kit.

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Lego: Spain

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London is changing, Eurostar Ads

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Before it’s too late, WWF Ad

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The Feature of the Ice Bear. Global Warming, Greenpeace Ad

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Selfridges Shoe Gallerie by Lernert & Sander

To help celebrate the launch of their epic new Shoe Galleries, Selfridges called on Lernert & Sander to create 11 sculptural installations that take iconic shoe design to surreal extremes.

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Markus Gerke created these awesome conceptual instaglasses! Does this remind anyone else of Google’s Project Glass?

Instaglasses by Markus Gerke

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Well, they ARE familiar… but at least they look cooler.

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Imagine, Lego Ad Campaign by Blattner Brunner

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Fashion you can afford, Money origami by Guilherme Pecego for Leader Magazine

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Great Paper Work by U.K. Designer Jonathan Shackleton


Great Paper work by U.K. Designer Jonathan Shackleton -

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Great work for Mercedes by BBDO

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Another clever campaign  from WWF re climate change !

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Yo Sushi - Simple Advertising


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