What clothing stores do you shop at?

I shop online mostly. Because I live in New Zealand we lack quality and variety menswear stores locally so I’ve been forced to turn to online shopping. The sites I really enjoy are ‘Mr Porter’, ‘Park & Bond’, ‘Luisaviaroma’ and ‘Yoox’. Recently I’ve been shopping at ‘Topman’, they have good quality clothes at insanely affordable prices. Great question, I’d love to know where you and my other followers shop at.

Canali Spring 2013

Canali’s Spring 2013 collection is full of relaxed and luxurious cuts and fabrics with a cool summer palette to match.

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Hermes Spring 2013

Enjoying how luxurious Hermes’ apparel and suits are for their latest spring collection.

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Gucci Spring 2013

Gucci’s Spring 2013 collection begins with an unconventionally bold and intense colour palette which eases to a crisper and refined palette through the second half of the collection (not without pops of vibrant colour). The collection is very luxurious as usual.

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Ermenegildo Zegna Spring 2013

Loving Ermenegildo Zegna’s Spring 2013 collection. The colour palette looks so fresh, suit cuts are flattering yet relaxed for summer. Everything looks so lux.

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"I’ve decided I don’t like riddles."

- Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), ‘What is Dead May Never Die’ - Game of Thrones 2012

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Some of my favourite Men’s designers

In no particular order

  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Gucci
  • Burberry
  • Tom Ford
  • Simon Spurr
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"You’re my best friend, Ida."

- Stephen (Ryan Gosling), Ides of March 2011

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On the playlist

Trouble Maker by Trouble Maker

K-Pop, catchy, styly single.

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A strategic position is a path, not a fixed location.

Michael Porter

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I should mention that I don’t claim any of the media I use on this blog to be mine. In fact I own none of the media I post (unless specified). This blog is just a compilation of the progression of my own fashion and style tastes/preferences.

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Contemporary Interior Design

I have been interested in contemporary interior design lately. A minimilast, modern look. I am really finding new outlets to discover more about my personal style tastes, and I think Interior Design is a great way to express one’s personal style. I’m a fan of the use of space and clean lines particularly. I won’t be able to practice interior ‘design’ in my own home, but perhaps continue the style through interior ‘decorating’.

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One to watch: Simon Spurr

A men’s fashion designer credited for dressing hollywood’s young elite. His style is contemporary, American fashion with a distinct British influence. But it’s not a stuck up British style. No it’s the tough (even brutal), masculine style. The British edge, the masculinity which sees not a metro male who looks after himself by going to the gym, but a rough guy, a real guy, a man’s man who’s hardness speaks through the beautiful lines of his suit. Think James Bond. Simon Spurr knows what’s going on. Great cuts, great lines, great silhouettes and beautiful outfits for young, red-blooded gents.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. iPhone 4

I’m a guy. I love my movies, love cars and as you can see I really like men’s fashion (and if you really want to know, I’m straight). I actually like macs too. I like iPhones and I currently have one. However, when the Galaxy S2 recently came out I never felt so torn between smartphones (note, I was not a fan of the Galaxy S). So, my dilemma between these two smartphones isn’t from a techy perspective, but from a guy’s perspective (Personally I’m leaning towards the S2). I’m a guy who wants to look after himself (whether I pull it off well or not is a debate for another time) with consideration of other people’s measure, but mainly for my own. 

Aesthetically, both are beautiful. I don’t mind either of the phones’ looks. The S2 is beautifully slim, and sleek. The iPhone looks architecturally modern which may perhaps give it a leading edge over the S2 in terms of individuality and originality. However, because of the iPhone’s ubiquity the novelty for the consumer for having such an original, beautiful looking phone is perhaps negated - because everybody else has it anyway. BUT, both look great with a suit, no arguments there.

Being a current iPhone user perhaps my qualms lie with its restrictions. I love movies but putting them onto my iPhone is not a simple process of drag and drop. I have to convert it for an hour, put it on my iPhone for another couple hours, watch the video and find its not done right then start again, and by that time I just can’t be bothered. Compare this with S2’s practically less than 5min drag and drop process it is the more viable option.

However, let’s assume that we get an awesome HD quality video on both phones, how is the display? Quality-wise the picture on both phones are great. The differences, if any, are few and far between. So, if there were any ‘real’ differences, I probably wouldn’t even notice or couldn’t really care less. S2 has a bigger screen, but in this area I’m not really affected by a matter of millimeters. 

Both have cameras? Check. Both have video cameras? check. No problems here. Of course the S2 has a substantially better camera, but I’m not buying a phone for the camera anyway. Having said that, an 8MP camera which can record in full HD is a bonus. A big bonus.

In the end though for me I guess my main considerations are the first two points: style and that ease of use (drag and drop) the S2 has. Everyone has an iPhone. Why wouldn’t they? It looks great. But buying one now almost seems like I’m joining the crowd for the sake of it - and that’s an awful mentality. No. At the end of the day, S2 is more practically convenient, equally as beautiful and perhaps also represents more to me on a ‘self-actualisation’ level than an iPhone, now at this moment, could.

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Navy suits get my vote

Crucial part of the suit wardrobe (or for the wardrobe in general) for the modern day gent: the navy suit. Beautiful with a crisp white shirt (pocket square optional). See below for an example. I would top it off Italian-style with beautifully rich brown shoes. The brown of a coffee with  a touch of cream. Perfect for work/play/other. I have just purchased one, it looks like my summer go to option and would not be surprised if I see myself wearing it in the winter.

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